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Another year of growth

2016/17 has been an eventful year

Technologies prosper & decline, politics & leadership change, a year full of sporting successes and dreams becoming reality.

Here at Cryoserver HQ we have had our best year yet, witnessing the largest customer growth we have seen with many more organisations benefiting from the Cryoserver technologies.  We continually evolve our email archiving software, with more enhancements being introduced each month.

We have completed the new UX designs for Cryoserver and are coding them into the Cryoserver software for release in the Summer 2017.  The exclusive preview sessions on Version 9 we have been holding for customers over the past month, have been warmly received and customers are eager to get hold of the latest version in the coming months.  Is Cryoserver receiving the Apple effect?  We can’t wait to get the new version in to peoples hands to start using.  Cryoserver Version 9.0 demonstrates a leap in standards.

Elsewhere, Microsoft’s Office365 continues to receive a huge take-up of new subscribers, and we too have helped many organisations expedite their Exchange to Office365 migrations over the past 12 months.

Part of the draw to Office365 is the enticing payment plans commoditising technology into smaller values.  During 2016 new premium plans were introduced including VOIP as a service.

Whilst a free migration is often discussed, forward thinking IT Managers/Directors know that nothing comes for free and are preparing themselves for a big bill in years to come; building up their war chests / contingency fund in preparation for a migration away from Office365.

Whilst the masses, 50,000+ businesses a month, are subscribing to Office365, some companies are moving away due to a variety of reasons like:

  • cost savings are not as expected costs have increased,
  • loss of control,
  • disruption in service,
  • all the eggs in one basket is too risky,
  • cyber security concerns playing their parts in the decision process to return to an on premise / hybrid approach.

Spreading the services across multiple providers and implementing hybrid model and complimentary solutions provide flexibility, i.e. Office365 and Cryoserver is a popular choice.

Twitter has been in the news for good & bad reasons; URLs / hashtags no longer eat up on the character counts giving Twitter users the ability to be more descriptive. However we are seeing more trolling and hate speech, enabling users to have relative anonymity, unlike email which can be policed and traceable.

Social media has played it’s part in the world of politics particularly in Europe and North America in 2016.  Interestingly, the word of the year in 2016 is post-truth – did fake news play it’s part in the decision process?  With all the talk of accountability and credibility, I wonder if there will be a Cryoserver-style solution for social media in years to come.

In 2017/18 we will see yet more new political leaders, new legislation, new cloud solutions, new technology, the evolution of machine learning driving applications to learn, evolve, react and proactively execute intelligent actions for us.

For Cryoserver the 2017/18 financial year has already started with huge momentum, particularly on the hot topic of EU GDPR which comes into force in May 2018.

Cryoserver has much to say on the forthcoming legislation and we are honoured to have presented at dozens of public & customer events.  We are now presenting across Europe on the hot topic starting in Greece & Poland in the coming weeks.  GDPR will undoubtedly be the dominant topic of 2017/18 as organisations come up to speed with the impact this legislation will have on all European organisations.  Please do make contact with the Cryoserver team to find out about our next GDPR webex or event.

I would like to thank my colleagues for their passion, loyalty and commitments over the past 12 months and making Cryoserver what it is today.  Thank you to Cryoserver customers, without your support we would not be here today.  Thank you and wishing you all a prosperous and safe 2017/18.


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