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How Email Archiving Improves Office Productivity and Security

Implementing an email archiving solution within your organisation can be highly beneficial, not just for your business but also for your employees. There are many benefits of email archiving, but archiving is primarily designed to facilitate and speed up compliance and IT admin. One very important aspect – which not enough organisations take advantage of – is the increased productivity and enhanced security the right email archiving tool can genuinely give your employees. Take a look at a few reasons why email archiving can leave you to fully focus on your job at hand, allowing you to stop searching and start finding important information on demand.

Increased Productivity

It can often be hard for employees to find emails when email archiving isn’t in place. Valuable time is wasted trying to sift through inboxes, particularly in cases where there are a large number of emails to sort through. Without an effective email archiving solution, many employees will create their own personal archives to store away important emails/data for future protection, reference or re-use. Whether it is known to the employee or not, this often affects productivity due to creating an unnecessary task that could be done in a much more automated way.

Email archiving aims to eliminate this issue in productive workloads by providing accelerated searching. The less time wasted on trawling through old emails, the more time you have to focus on the more important matters within the business.

Email archiving also helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of your IT team. When an email is misplaced or deleted, it can often be hard to motivate IT to retrieve the content which is why Cryoserver email archiving is beneficial to businesses who want to cut out the middleman. When the end-user is able to self-service and recover their own email messages, it reduces IT’s workload.

Secured Monitoring

The data that is sent and received daily by the businesses is often critical and relevant to your organisation, however, in some cases, their messages can also contain non-business related content in the form of harassment, cyberbullying, the sharing of trade secrets, or other inappropriate content. When this information is shared across channels or leaked externally, it can cause a lot of problems for you and your business. 

When a third-party email archiving solution such as Cryoserver is introduced, employers can feel assured that their content can be retrievable in the case of evidence against a stakeholder. Once the content is received and preserved in real-time, it can also be flagged, meaning employers and supervisors can raise issues when they deem it necessary. When this is the case, it can assure that internal and external users are behaving and are held accountable in a professional and safe manner. As a result, staff feel more protected and at ease within their work environment.

For more information on how an email archiving solution can help your employees and your business to be more productive and secure, contact us today and speak to one of our advisors. 


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