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Solve mailbox access issues with Cryoserver

Cryoserver provides a feature called Delegated Access to solve various mailbox access issues that today’s organisations are likely to counter. 

To best describe this immensely useful functionality, is via some Cryoserver customer stories.

Scenario 1: Employees going on leave and wants to delegate access

An employee is planning to go on leave for 4 weeks. During the absence, the employee would like their email to be checked for urgency by a colleague. With Cryoserver, the employee going on leave doesn’t have to share access credentials with their colleague, they can easily delegate access via Cryoserver to a colleague. The delegation is flexible, the employee going on leave can control how much of their email can be viewed and exclude personal or sensitive emails which cannot be viewed at all. Email access under delegated access are always are recorded in Cryoserver’s built-in audit trails for transparency.

Scenario 2: Employee has left the organisation

An employee has departed an organisation and a new employee needs access to that particular ex-employee email and also any group distribution email addresses the ex-employee belonged to. With a few simple clicks in Cryoserver, the new employee can be given full or restricted access to the appropriate email inboxes.

Scenario 3: Access to all emails from a client domain 

A new Account Manager who was not privy to any previous email correspondences with clients. With a few simple clicks, Cryoserver can also grant access to client specific domain emails quickly and efficiently, allowing the Account Manager to on-board and get up to speed fast.

Boost your email productivity with Cryoserver

Delegated access in Cryoserver’s email archiving software empowers your organisation to be more email productive and efficient.

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