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Release Notes


We are pleased to announce Version 9.6.0 is now available.  v9.6.0 enriches the Cryoserver Email Archiving Solution based on customer enhancement requests and product improvements.

Some highlights from the recent version 9 releases:

  • Cryoserver supports searching user emails based on GUID.
  • Graph API supports add all users (more than 100) under MbxReader and FolderRep connections
  • MailbxReader & FolderRep: select the only OAuth connection by default while selecting users from O365
  • Bulk Export to zip the output to split directories,
  • Tika framework (for attachment keyword extraction)
  • Make keyword extraction from media type attachments optional
  • Allow OAuth login if all LDAP servers are disabled
  • Enhancement to Deleted message file if located on L2 storage
  • Messages not containing user’s addresses can be retrieved under PST folder replica view
  • Improvements when creating company through reseller account when language is set to Italian,
  • Improvements to install license through the setup wizard
  • Split out ‘search user actions’ options from ‘Company Settings’ admin panel
  • A new type of Data Guardians (Shared Account Transcripts) – is now supported, i.e., while configuring data guardians on various pages (such as under Admin interface and super user – add/edit company interface), there is a new transcript type option (Shared Account Transcripts) along with Privileged and Admin Transcripts. The data guardians against which the ‘Shared Account Transcripts’ option is selected, would be receiving the transcripts of the sessions where a user switches to another account.  Specifying a ‘Shared Account Transcripts’ data guardian is mandatory. On upgrading Cryoserver to this version, the ‘Priv Transcripts’ data guardians will automatically become eligible to receive Shared Account transcripts.
  • A new ‘Retention Policy’ is supported under Admin > Adv. Configuration > Retention Limit panel which allows setting a ‘Fixed Date’ for retention. With ‘Fixed Date’ retention policy, user can specify a date and the retention process to delete the messages dated before the specified date. The retention process runs only once in this case (on the midnight of the day when retention is enabled with ‘Fixed Date’ retention policy).
  • With ‘Retention Policy’ being configurable (‘Rolling Date’/’Fixed Date’), a new option ‘Schedule’ is also provided on Admin > Adv. Configuration / Retention Limit panel. This option is visible with ‘Rolling Date’ retention policy. Administrative user can configure whether the retention process should run daily/weekly (on selected day)/monthly (on 1st day of each month/yearly (on first day of selected month). Retention process starts at midnight as per the selected schedule. With this change, retention schedule has become company specific and thus separate schedules can be configured company-wise. On upgrading Cryoserver to this version, the earlier global schedule (specified by retention_schedule system-config parameter) is inherited by each company.
  • Any changes made to the following areas are included in admin user’s session transcript:
    • Retention period (configurable on Admin user’s Retention Limit panel)
    • Search Date Limits (configurable on Admin user’s Retention Limit panel)
    • User specific search date restriction (configurable on Admin user’s User Directory panel after searching for the LDAP/Database users.
  • Prometheus metrics collection for monitoring is now supported in Cryoserver
  • For multi-tenant customers, a new ‘compact’ format of daily message processing report is supported. This can be configured under Admin > Adv. Configuration > System Alert Settings > Daily report format option. Under this format, daily processing report presents a tabular view of different statistics of all the tenants.
  • Export to PDF for IM Messages
  • A global option ‘Show Add Phone Access Config’ is provided on Admin > Management > Web Service Manager page. This can be turned off (default is on) to hide the ‘Add Phone Access’ section displayed to the basic users on ‘Settings’ panel.
  • Support for OneLogin oAuth platform
  • Support processing Microsoft Teams transcripts as IMs
  • Folder Replication enhancements allowing you to now search Current Folder, Subfolders or All Folders
  • MS Graph support
  • TLS 1.2 improvements
  • Updates to Language files
  • Export to PST from the User Interfaces (*may require a license)
  • Date Slider improvements
  • S3 Framework - to enable older data to S3 compatible storage devices
  • Support for moving mailbox reader accounts to another connection

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